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Do you see any of the following characteristics in your company?

1. Struggling to make vendor/ employee payments in spite of sufficient billing?

Improper Cash Flow

2. Does it seem like there is always a mismatch in what your customers demand and what is available?

Inventory Mismatch, High Stockouts/Surpluses

3. Do your customers drive production?

Poor or Inefficient Productivity

4. Do you find yourself spending on air freight or special delivery arrangements to meet customer demands?

High Expediting Cost

5. Are extra resources put in to meet customer demands?

High Overtime of Staff

6. Do you observe low sales for the first 15 days and over 60-70% of the sales are concentrated in the last 15 days?

High Sales Skewness

7. Do your products not get converted in time for delivery?

High RM inventory or WIP

8. Do you struggle with keeping deadlines?

Unrealistic Timelines

9. Are there delays in acquiring relevant data and information?

Hampered Communication Flow

10. Do your project goals keep changing while the project is already underway?

Scope Creep

11. Problems with keeping on top of funds released for a project?

Budgeting Overrun

12. Can’t figure out how to go about creating sustained value for your

Unrealised Business Value

13. Lots of overlapping projects causing execution difficulties?

Workflow Mismanagement

If you see any two or more symptoms, this FREE audit is for you!